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Welcome to Rhiannon Travels! If you’ve clicked onto this page, I’m willing to bet you’re interested in working with us. Am I right? If you nodded your head – awesome! Here is a little bit of background about myself and the blog.

About the Owner & Rhiannon Travels

My name is Rhiannon and I’m an Australian based travel blogger. Back in September 2016, I created Rhiannon Travels. My initial goal for the blog, was to share my travel stories and experiences with people around the world. Now that I’ve surpassed the one year mark (yay!) my goals have changed. Of course I still want to share those tips and experiences with as many people as possible. But now I want to go above and beyond, sharing a wide range of useful travel information.

Rhiannon Travels isn’t just about myself, though. This blog is a joint effort between myself and my partner Russell. That’s why one of the main focuses of the blog is couple travel. We also share tips for first time travelers, a huge amount of city guides, with a dedicated section for you theme park fans out there!

When I write an article, I take myself back to when I am researching for an upcoming trip. What do we like to know before we head off to a new country? Is public transport the best way to get around? If so, how do we go about it? What are the top ten things to see and do in the city? All of our blog posts and articles, have our readers 100% in mind.

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Here are some ways that you can work with Rhiannon Travels

Paid Guest Posts

Are you a website or blog looking for write a guest post for Rhiannon Travels? Send us an email or fill out the form below, and we can discuss further, the idea of a paid guest post, for a set rate/fee decided upon by us.

Sponsored Blog Posts/Collaboration

A great way for your business to gain exposure and promotion through social media, blog articles (including links to your website and/or social media platforms) and photography

Social Media Promotion

Facebook is one of our biggest traffic referrals, which means promotion via this social media platform would be excellent exposure for your company!

Collaborative Guest Posts

Perfect for bloggers who want to get their name out there!

Hotel & Accomodation Reviews

Well written, in-depth, informative and honest reviews for your hotel or accomodation. Each blog post in review of your hotel/accomodation will include lots of high quality photographs, as well as links to your website and/or social media platforms. Click here to read some of our previous hotel reviews.

Travel Related Product Reviews

Luggage, in-flight entertainment, carry-on luggage, electronics, clothing – you name it! Anything that will allow people to travel comfortably, I would love to give a try!

Got Something Else in Mind?

If you’re interested in collaborating in a different area, send me an email and we can figure out a plan!

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Here is what Rhiannon Travels has to offer:

  • Honest, professional and easy-going reviews/blog posts
  • Hard working travel blogger, with the desire to share important and in-depth information and tips
  • Punctual publication, fast email response and openness to work together on a wide variety of projects
  • High-quality photography, with potential commercial use for your company/business
Click here for our Media Kit

Send us an email, and we can get the ball rolling! Can’t wait to hear from you!