Travelgrammers of the Month – May 2017: Travel Instagram Feeds I Love!

Recently, I’ve been sharing a new travel Instagrammer each day on my story. I love doing this, especially on Instagram because I miss how my favourite social media platform used to be. A few years ago, I had an Instagram account dedicated to sharing my eating disorder story. I had made so many lovely friends through Instagram. So much support was given to each other, and there was a sense of understanding and acceptance, because we were all in the same boat.

Then, automatic ‘bots’ came on the scene. These horrible services are turning Instagram into something that it shouldn’t be. People are competing for followers, and having third party apps do the work for them. Now, I know Instagram – or any social media platform – shouldn’t be all about the followers. But it’s still highly frustrating, working so hard on something that’s important, to have it ignored or used as a way to gain followers.

So I decided I would do something to make Instagram great again! I don’t have a large amount of followers by any stretch of the imagination. But that’s okay. If I can help some of the wonderful accounts I follow, gain a few genuine, supportive followers, my job is done!

So each month, I’m going to share 5 Instagram accounts that I’ve recently fell in love with. A combination of their photos, personalities and travel style that make me happy! If they have a blog, I will also include that as a link! I’ll choose one photo from their feed and embed it in the post, to make it easy for you to follow them! Yay!

Here are 5 of my favourite Travel Instagram accounts for May!

1. @saintsonaplane |

Saints on a Plane is run by two sisters from England, Alex and Sophie. Their Instagram account focuses on a combination of travel, food and lifestyle, which I think is awesome! Not only do we get to see amazing photos from their travels, we also get a ‘everyday life’ vibe, with delicious food pics and creative shots!

2. @travelmonkeycom |

Lena runs travelmonkey dot com Instagram and blog, and is currently sharing photos from her road trip around Australia! As an Australian myself, I love seeing photos from beautiful places around the country I haven’t yet visited. Lena’s posts are very unique and real, and her feed is gorgeous! I love the wide range of photos she posts, definitely makes me want to quit my job and road trip around the country tomorrow!

3. @walkaboottravel |

Kimberly from walkaboottravel is a blogger from Canada. Her Instagram feed is filled with colour, happiness and beautiful photos from amazing places around the world. If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll immediately fall in love with her feed. Kimberly’s photos are captured and edited to perfection, and make me crave visiting whichever destination she posts each day! Check out her blog too, for some awesome adventure-type travel articles!


4. @traveltextbook

Lucy from Travel Textbook is medical student and travel blogger from Australia! Her Instagram feed is filled with unique and beautiful photos from the 55 countries she’s already managed to visit – pretty awesome achievement! Lucy’s blog has an endless amount of super helpful tips and information from everywhere she’s traveled to, providing everything from daily budget to cost of an average coffee! Definitely check out her blog and Instagram, you’ll thank me later!

5. @go_on_adventures |

Anne is the blogger behind Go On Adventures! Anne’s Instagram feed is filled with beautiful scenery shots from all over the world! The wide variety of photos she posts, and articles she shares on her blog, are super motivating and will inspire you to get out there and travel to places you’ve never been before! If you love outdoor activities and working hard to experience beautiful places around the world, check out Anne’s Instagram and blog!

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Like I said, I love discovering new travel Instagrammers. I think it’s fun seeing where other people have visited, supporting each other, and motivating ourselves to continue traveling. Whether you plan a weekend road trip around your city, or book a 6 month trip around the world – travel is travel. You are still experiencing amazing things, and meeting awesome new people.

The more we support each other’s dreams, the happier we will all be!

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Travelgrammers of the Month - May 2017: Travel Instagram Feeds I Love!


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