A To-Do Travel Checklist For Departure Day

I bet you’re here because you need a Travel Checklist. Am I right?

So you’re leaving the country, ready to head off on an amazing adventure. If you’re anything like me, you would have had your bags packed two weeks ago. You’ve probably been living out of a suitcase weeks earlier than you need to be. But hey, I’m with you on that one. Travelling and seeing the world is an exciting thing.

Amongst all the excitement and craziness of packing and making sure you’ve got everything, you’re bound to leave something out. Whether it’s something small like remembering to pack your favourite pair of socks, or something a tad more important like leaving the front door unlocked.

I’m here to help. Now grab a pen and some paper, and start jotting down this checklist of everything you need to remember on your travel departure day!

A To-Do Travel Checklist For Departure Day ✈ Rhiannon Travels ✈ A Travel & Lifestyle Blog



☐ Unplug your phone from beside your bed, and place your charger in your carry on luggage (backpack or handbag, whichever is easiest for you to remember)

☐ Put your phone and any other items you’re taking with you from your bedside table, on the kitchen bench.

☐ Grab the pile of plane clothes you chose two weeks ago, and hop in the shower!


☐ Brush your teeth, then put your toothbrush and toothpaste in your suitcase so you don’t forget it

☐ After you’ve used anything else from your bathroom that you are taking with you (hair dryer, hair straightener, make up, brushes etc) place it all in your suitcase. That’s one room done and dusted!

☐ Have a filling and healthy breakfast! Wash your dishes straight away and put them back in the cupboard.


☐ Drag your suitcase out of your bedroom, and into the living room or hallway. Whichever is large enough for your final check!

☐ Walk into your bedroom and have a look around. Can you see anything that you’ve forgotten? If not, close the door and now that room is done also!

☐ Head back to your suitcase and mentally tick off the things that you’ve packed.

☐ Underwear? Socks? Jacket and/or jumper? Shorts? Comfortable pants? T-shirts? Tank tops? Shoes? Bathroom items?

☐ Zip up your suitcase, lock it up!


☐ Check your carry on luggage for the following items: Passport, boarding pass, phone, wallet/purse/money, electronic device chargers, any medication you require, personal care items you may need (moisturiser, female products etc), entertainment for the plane, ID other than your passport (drivers license, just incase).

☐ Walk around your house and make sure you’ve locked all the doors and closed all the windows and blinds/curtains.

☐ Make sure the oven and other appliances have been turned off

☐ Grab your suitcase and your carry on luggage, and head out for the time of your life!

There may be other things you’ll need to include in this travel checklist, specific to your daily life. However for the most part I think it’s a pretty universal list! Follow this, and you can head off to the airport without worrying about the things you may or may not have forgotten to do!

Can you think of anything I’ve missed, that you would add to your own travel checklist? Tell me in the comments below!


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