If you’re a fellow travel blogger, you know how important it is getting your name out there. Even being a small business, it’s crucial to build support within the community and industry. It can be fun writing for someone else’s travel blog, and we love supporting fellow travelers who are trying to grow their traffic.

What kind of content are we looking for?

We’re all about providing the most in-depth, useful and informative advice possible. So we expect that from all of our guest posters, as well! Here are a few things we look for in a guest post:

1. Post must be at least 1,000 words – most of the posts we share on Rhiannon Travels are at least 1,500 words. This is great for SEO purposes, and also helps our readers to gain as many tips as possible. The longer the post, the better we rank in Google, which can only mean great things for you!

2. The post must be travel related – since we have a travel blog, all guest posts submitted to us must be travel related. This can be in the form of an itinerary, list of things to do, hotel reviews and more – as long as it’s directly related to travel.

3. Your post must be edited properly – once you’ve finished writing your post, before sending it through to us, it must be edited. If we see any spelling, grammar, tone or ease of read errors in your post, we reserve the right to make changes. We will of course let you know whether we have made any significant changes, but if your post has been edited correctly we shouldn’t need to!

4. Post must be 100% original content – Google frowns on duplicate content, so please make sure the post you submit to us has been written specifically for our website.

5. Be prompt with submitting your draft and any changes we request – once you’ve filled out the form below and we’ve sent you a response, please try and get us a draft within a week. We like to have our guest posts published as soon as possible, so the earlier you send us through a draft, the quicker you’ll be getting those extra readers and traffic!

What you get from us when submitting a guest post

1. SEO optimisation – we optimise all of our posts for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and many of our own blog posts rank on page 1 of Google for a number of keywords. We will optimise your post for SEO, and do our best to help it rank well in Google.

2. Pinterest and social media graphics – we will create all Pinterest and social media graphics, using images that you send us to use in your guest post. The Pinterest graphics will be made using our current Pin template, and will require four photos in total.

3. A do-follow link to your own travel blog – we will include two do-follow links to your travel blog. It’s best to include a relevant link, as that is more likely to gain the highest amount of traffic for your own blog.

4. We will share your post across all of our social media platforms over a week – we will dedicate a week to frequently share your guest post across all of our social media platforms. After that week is up, we will schedule your guest post to be shared on a regular basis along with our own posts.

Are you a business or company looking to submit a PAID guest post?

If you’re a travel related business or company looking to submit a paid guest post on our blog, please keep in mind that we do have set rates for this. Once you’ve filled out the form below, we will get back to you via email with our rate sheet. 

Please fill out the form below to submit your guest post idea

Before sending us a draft of your guest post, please fill out the form below to give us an idea about what you are going to write about. You’ll also need to agree to a couple of our guest posting terms and conditions, before we can go ahead with things!