Write a Guest Post for Rhiannon Travels

If you’re a travel blogger, you know how important it is to get your name out there. Sometimes it can be fun writing something to have featured on another travel blog, therefore widening your horizons and become a bit more familiar to people who are searching for information on travel!

If you’re looking for a place to share your thoughts and tips with a new audience, this is the perfect place to do so!

So, what type of content is Rhiannon Travels looking for?

There’s no point writing some epic content to share on another blog, if it’s going to be unhelpful and let’s be honest, generally useless. If you’re great with words, know how to tell a story and can let your personality shine in your writing, you’re perfect for the gig!

Here are a few particular things we look for in a guest post:

  1. 100% informative – I stick to writing and publishing articles that provide a great deal of helpful information to my readers. Your guest post should include enough information to ensure our readers aren’t left questioning something you’ve left out. The easiest way to do this: ask yourself what you like to know about a certain city or country when planning a visit, and include all of the answers to those questions in your post!
  2. Article must be at least 1,500 words – Majority of the posts I write and publish on Rhiannon Travels are longer than 1,500 words. Why? Well to put it simply: Google and our readers love longer posts! We rank better in Google search (which is awesome for you!) and our readers are being given more helpful information!
  3. Article should be relevant – Since you’ll be guest posting on a travel blog, your article should obviously be travel related! The city or country you write about is totally up to you. But the topic must be 100% about travel. This can include city/country guides, hotel/accomodation reviews, travel tips & tricks, dos and donts, interesting facts or whatever else your heart desires!
  4. Your photos must be of high-quality and edited by you – If you choose to include photos in your guest post, please make sure they are high-quality and have been edited by you. They will need to be at least 800px wide and must not be blurry or pixelated.
  5. Your guest post must be edited properly – I have no doubt that your writing is fabulous! But to be sure our readers are getting super helpful and clear information, your post should be 100% accurate with perfect spelling and grammar. Don’t worry though, I know sometimes we make mistakes! If we see an error in your post (spelling, grammar, tone or ease of read), we can make a few quick fixes to ensure your guest post is successful!
  6. Include a short bio about yourself and your blog (if you have one) – When your post is published onto Rhiannon Travels, we will include this short bio at the end. This is the perfect opportunity to share with our readers some quick facts about you, as well as linking them directly to your blog!
    Please note: No more than 4 links can be included in your guest post. Along with these 4 direct links to your blog, you can also include 2 social media links! Awesome!

Note For Companies/Businesses Looking to Guest Post

If you are wanting to submit a guest post on Rhiannon Travels, with a link back to your own website/blog or social media platform, we require a fee from you for this to happen. If you’re interested, go ahead and send us an email, and we can discuss some options! 

If you’re still interested in submitting a guest post to be published on Rhiannon Travels, either fill out the contact form below, or send us an email!