Shinjuku New City Hotel – Tokyo Accomodation Review

When Russell and I were researching hotels to stay during our 12 night visit to Tokyo, we were looking for one that was in a good location and was decently priced. Room size wasn’t a factor, as we knew no matter where we stayed in Japan, the rooms would be fairly small. All that mattered to us, was comfort and convenience.

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

While browsing Expedia, we came across Shinjuku New City Hotel. After looking into the hotel and reading reviews, we ended up booking a non smoking semi-double room for all 12 nights of our stay. Since Tokyo was last on our itinerary, and we had been pleasantly surprised by our previous hotel rooms (more on those in another post!), we weren’t expecting too much from Shinjuku New City. We figured that being a smaller, older hotel, the rooms would be small compared to the other cities we had stayed in.

However, I am glad to report, we were definitely wrong! Upon opening the door to our hotel in the heart of Shinjuku, we were surprised to find that it was actually quite large by Japan standards. We even had a small coffee table at the end of the bed!

So, what are some cool things about Shinjuku New City Hotel? Why do we recommend it as a home base to explore Tokyo? Read on to find out!

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

The Room

If you are planning a trip to Japan, you should know that the hotel room sizes and bathrooms are going to be much smaller than most Western countries. Given the sheer amount of people who live in Japan, everything obviously needs to be smaller. With more people, means less available space for accomodation. Building everything smaller, is the only realistic way to fit everyone into such a small country!

The room we were given for our 12 night stay was perfect. It wasn’t huge, but it was very comfortable for the amount of time we were there. There was even a decent sized desk, with a flatscreen TV and cosmetic light.

Our double bed was positioned against the wall, which means one person has to climb over the other if you’re sharing with your partner. But this wasn’t anything new or inconvenient for us, as we sleep on a mattress on the floor at home anyway! The room has plenty of space for two suitcases plus any carry on luggage that you have!

To make life even more convenient for guests, there are THREE power points on the headboard! This feature combined with the light switch and heater function, makes for a very lazy and super convenient sleeping situation!

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

The Bathroom

Again, Japanese hotel bathrooms (I imagine this would be the same for live-in apartment bathrooms as well), are generally pretty small. They have everything you’ll need, it’s just the size of the bathroom itself that you’ll have to adjust to.

The bathroom in our Shinjuku New City Hotel was a very decent size. There’s plenty of room to have a comfortable shower, or a bath if that’s your preference! (Japan’s hotel rooms have the shower over the bath situation).

Our bathroom came with the following: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, two toothbrushes and toothpaste, two glasses and two brushes. I was pretty happy about the shampoo and conditioner, because it meant I could throw away the bottles I brought along with me! #spacesavinghacks

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

The Lobby + Facilities

The lobby area in Shinjuku New City Hotel was pretty cool! There’s a ton of helpful amenities and facilities to make your stay a lot more comfortable and ‘home like’ compared to other hotel’s we stayed at on this trip.

When you walk into the hotel, to your left is an area with a laundry, smoking room, microwave and computers with internet and printing access. There are also 7 vending machines: four beverage (Coke, Coke Zero, various other soft drinks, hot/cold coffee and milk), one cigarette, a snack and cup noodle and an ice cream vending machine! Talk about convenience!

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

The laundry has six washing machines, two of which are combined washing and drying. There is a coin machine with detergent available for 100 yen. The regular washing machines cost 300 yen each load, and the washing/drying machines can cost up to 600 yen depending on the size of the load and what cycle you are using.

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

The Area

Shinjuku New City Hotel is in a super convenient area. It’s fairly centrally located to a lot of the major attractions and things to do and see in Tokyo. The hotel is a short 15 minute walk to Shinjuku Station, where almost all of the main train lines depart and arrive.

There are plenty of nearby convenient food options as well. If you head out of the hotel and turn left, a short walk down the hill will bring you to McDonalds! There are a few convenience stores within walking distance, also. You’ll find a Family Mart, 7/11 and also a pharmacy nearby.

If you would like to read more about Japan’s convenience stores, click here!

In our hotel room, there was a Dominos Pizza menu sitting on the desk. One of the first few nights we stayed, we decided we would go out and grab some dinner. At first we headed towards McDonalds because it’s cheap and easy. But then we remembered Dominos! So instead of getting it delivered, we did a quick Google Maps search for the nearest Dominos. We were pretty stoked to discover there was one literally the next street over! We ended up getting two giant pizzas for around $30, as we took advantage of their awesome 2 for 1 deal!

So if you’re craving pizza, don’t pay for delivery. When you exit the hotel, turn left and head down the first street. Once you get to the intersection, turn right and a short walk will bring you to Dominos!

Free Shinjuku Station Shuttle Bus

Shinjuku New City Hotel has a very convenient free shuttle bus to and from Shinjuku Station. We didn’t use this, since the station itself is within walking distance. But if you have a lot of luggage, or don’t feel like walking to the station, the free shuttle bus is a super convenient way of getting back and forth! Just ask at the counter when you arrive at your hotel how it works and how often it leaves.

Shinjuku New City Hotel - Tokyo Accomodation Review

Other Things You Should Know

  • Check in is fairly strict at 3pm. If you wish to check in earlier than 3pm you’ll need to pay extra, per hour, per person. If you arrive early, don’t worry. You can leave your luggage in the lobby for no extra charge. We arrived at around 2pm, left our suitcases and went to McDonalds for a feed. Came back at around 2:45pm, and didn’t have to wait long before we were able to check in.
  • Room cleaning is compulsory on the 4th consecutive day. If you are staying in the hotel for more than 3 days, regardless of whether you hang the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door, you’ll return to a clean room.
  • There are smoking and non-smoking rooms available. If you are a smoker and would prefer a smoking room, you can book this when you book your stay. If you’re staying in a room with other members of your family who do not smoke, there’s a smoking room in the lobby!
  • The hotel and every room has free WiFi. Internet access in each room is very easily accessible. The connection and speed is great, too. We had no troubles throughout our whole 12 night stay!

So if you’re looking for a place to stay in Tokyo that is close to all of the main attractions, stations and necessities, I definitely recommend Shinjuku New City Hotel. You’ll get a super comfortable, convenient and affordable (just over $100 a night) hotel, with tons of cool included amenities.

Have you stayed in Shinjuku New City Hotel before? What did you think? Tell me below!


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