Save Money To Travel The World: How To Do It

Travelling can be an expensive way of life, especially if you prefer the luxury of staying in 5 star hotels and eating like a king while you’re seeing the world. The temptation is real, to walk into every store you see, buy all the souvenirs you don’t need, and spend hundreds of dollars on presents for every single person you know.

I enjoy shopping when I’m travelling. I love finding cool places that sell things I’ve either never seen before, or couldn’t justify buying while I’m at home. There’s something about being on holiday, where it’s apparently okay to spend thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. Then there’s the internal argument you have with yourself on your lunch break at work, trying to decide whether you really need to buy that third cup of coffee. Go figure.

It can be difficult to save money on a regular basis. So saving enough money to fund your world travels can be pretty stressful and un-motivating.

Read on to learn How to Save Money to Travel the World!

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I’ve recently started doing this again. Before I moved out of home and into the real world of rent and bills, I used to put my spare change into a money box. It required a can opener to get the bastard open, so naturally, I never spent any of it. The coins sat in there until I couldn’t fit anymore in, then I’d take it to the bank and get it changed to notes or put into my savings account! I ended up saving quite a large chunk of money every few months or so.

About a week ago, I searched my kitchen for an old jar that would be suitable, and started throwing all my change from each day in it! It’s a great way to save a bit of extra money – perfect for your next holiday! It doesn’t matter whether you decide to put small change or large notes in there. Every little bit counts!

(For all my Australian readers, I put all my silver coins & my $1 and $2 coins in there!)


We all buy things we don’t need. I’m sure over the past two weeks you’ve bought multiple items that you could have lived without. Am I right? Whether they were food products that you forgot about, and are now mouldy and make you gag when you look at them. Or the result of an online shopping spree where your justification was “but I deserve it, I didn’t buy ANYTHING yesterday!”

I’m guilty of all of the above.

But if you have a goal in mind, it’s a lot easier to save that extra money and use it towards something that will make you happier!


Obviously this only applies to those of you who drink alcohol (and who are old enough to do so). My alcohol consuming history has had many twists and turns. I started my partying phase later on in life (more on that in another post), so I wasn’t sure what all the ‘cool kids’ were drinking. It makes me cringe how much money I wasted on RTD’s and overpriced vodka mixes.

Discovering wine changed my life. That shit is SO cheap! I’m a lightweight, so I get tipsy off half a bottle of white wine. (Don’t ever give me red wine. You’ll be on my list for life. You don’t want to be on that list).

But if you’re a hard sprits drinker and live in Australia for instance, where alcohol costs almost as much as a house deposit, I recommend buying litre bottles of whatever your drink of choice is. Combine that with some cheap mixers, and you’ve got much better value for money! You can then save that extra coin and put it towards getting drunk in another country!

Side note: I’m not an alcoholic, I promise. I do enjoy a good glass of vodka, though.


If you live out of home (even if you don’t), setting up a budget is a great way to keep track of your money and expenses. It will also give you an idea of how much you can save each week. Work out how much your main expenses cost monthly, divide that by 4, and you’ve got the amount of money you need to save each time you get paid! (If you get paid fortnightly or monthly, adjust accordingly). Whatever is left over, transfer over to a savings account (I highly suggest setting this up if you don’t already have one). That way you are saving money each week, even if it’s only a few dollars. Like I said earlier, it all adds up!


I’m sure if you have a look around your house or bedroom right now, you’ll find clothes you haven’t worn in years, and things you forgot you even had. Put these things in a box labelled “Shit to Sell” and keep adding to it whenever you find something you don’t need! When you’ve got a good collection of things in the box, either host a garage sale or jump onto eBay or a similar online platform, and sell it all! It’s a great way to not only make some extra money, but you’ll also end up with a less cluttered house!

I’m all about the multi-tasking here, guys.

I hope these ideas have helped a little.

There’s dozens of ways to make some extra cash, but I thought these were a good stepping stone and a great way to get you started!

Once you realise just how much you’ve saved by following these simple suggestions, you’ll be more motivated than ever to keep it up.

If you have any other money saving tips, leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear them, as I’m always looking for new ways to save some extra cash!