Travel Resources and Gear

Travel can be hard. Especially if you’re unsure who to fly with, where to travel in the first place and what on Earth to pack. Don’t worry though, that’s what we’re here for! Below you will find some awesome travel resources and must-have travel gear, to help you travel the world as easily as possible. That’s what we’re all about here at Rhiannon Travels.

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Must-Have Travel Gear

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Before traveling anywhere, make sure you have the perfect camera to snap away at all of those beautiful places you visit! We use the Sony a5000 and it’s perfect for our needs! Being a Mirrorless camera, it takes photos just as well as a DSLR, without the size or weight.

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It’s important to choose the right luggage for you, especially for an international trip. Suitcases are great for most destinations, as they’re generally pretty big and easy to travel with.

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Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are the perfect way to keep your Passport, alternate ID, cash, credit card, boarding passes and any tickets that you need to keep on you.

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Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are perfect for anybody traveling with a backpack or even those of you who tend to pack far too much in your suitcase. They come in a range of sizes, allowing you to sort your bottoms from your tops, and keep your underwear seperate and easy to find!

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Universal Adapter

This is the perfect solution for anyone who travels between countries quite frequently. The universal travel adapter works in over 150 countries, and means you won’t have to travel with seperate adapters again!

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Day Backpack

For those days where you’re heading out to do a bit of exploring but don’t need a huge backpack, this laptop bag is perfect! Being anti-theft, you can wander around a new city with your mind at ease, knowing your belongings are safe!

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Noise cancelling headphones are a must when traveling. Not only are they great while flying, especially if you’re seated next to someone who is being loud, they’re also great for listening to music and watching movies or a TV show! The best way to stay entertained while flying.

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Clear Toiletry Bag

You’ll need a clear toiletry bag if you choose to take any liquids in your carry on. Anything like moisturiser, perfume or deodorant will need to be in small tubes and placed in a bag like this! Remember to take it out of your carry on bag when going through security.

Travel Resources

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Virgin Australia

With flights across the globe, Virgin Australia is one of the world’s leading airlines. Enjoy free food and baggage on domestic flights, and award winning service no matter where you fly!

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Contiki Tours

New to travel? Consider doing a Contiki Tour! With a huge range of tours across the world, and absolutely awesome tour managers, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life!

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Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an absolute must when heading overseas. From lost luggage to unexpected injury, it’s always best to be prepared!


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Hotels Combined

Search for your perfect hotel, at the perfect price! Filter results by location, price, amenities and more. Hotels Combined shares the best prices for hotels worldwide!