Welcome to Rhiannon Travels! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a born and raised Australian, having grown up in the wonderful city of Adelaide. For years I wanted a creative outlet to share my experiences, opinions, suggestions and love for travel with people from all over the world. Then one day in September 2016, I decided to stop dreaming and start doing – Rhiannon Travels was born!

Whether you’re brand new to travel, or a full blown professional explorer, Rhiannon Travels has something for everyone. Filled with city and country guides, theme park tips and tricks, suggested itineraries, guest posts from fellow travel bloggers, hotel and product reviews and so much more. You’ve come to the right place! I’m here to help and love to chat, so don’t be shy!

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Studios Osaka, Japan
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Universal Studios Osaka, Japan: The Ultimate Guide!
If you’ve been following my blog or social media accounts (Instagram in particular), for quite a while now, you would know how much of a huge Harry Potter nerd I am. My partner Russell and I named our cat after Hermione. Do I need to say more? If there was a real life Hogwarts – even one for Muggles – I’d move in tomorrow. But since there isn’t a real
A Day in Arashiyama, Kyoto: From Big City Lights to Historic Japan
There are a lot of big, bright, bustling cities in Japan. But if you’re after the true Japanese experience, I recommend heading outside of those big cities, and exploring historic Japan. Arashiyama is a small town in Kyoto, just over an hour away from Osaka. If you’ve been traveling around the major cities, catching trains and bumping shoulders with strangers while walking down the street, Arashiyama will be quite a
Cup Noodle Museum Yokohama Japan | Rhiannon Travels | A Travel + Lifestyle Blog
Cup Noodle Museum: Spend a Day in Yokohama, Japan
Japan is filled with unique activities and things to see and do. One of those activities, is the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum! Before we arrived in Japan, Russell and I did a lot of research on everything there was to do, in each of the cities we were planning to visit. After a couple days of research, this list was long. Yokohama was going to be our first stop on our 4
A Guest Post: Boarding Passes + Ballet Shoes | How Dance Took Me On A Plane
A Travel Guest Post: Boarding Passes + Ballet Shoes | How Dance Took Me On A Plane
I’ve got something a bit different for you guys today! Recently I took the plunge and decided to start opening up my blog to guest posts and bloggers from all around the world. Due to my blog being focussed on travel and lifestyle, there are a huge amount of potential categories which can be featured, while still entertaining my current readers and any future readers! The first instalment of Travel Guest Posts here on
25 Things I’ve Learnt In 25 Years Of Life: A Birthday Post
Happy Birthday to me! I’m 25 years old today. Woohoo! I’ve always loved my birthday. If you had asked me where I would be spending my 25th birthday, I definitely wouldn’t have said in hot, dusty, desert Australia – Alice Springs! But here I am. I wasn’t sure what to post about on my birthday. I knew I wanted something to go up today, for me to look back on in
From the City to Alice Springs - The Australian Outback: A Local's Guide To Both
From Adelaide to Alice Springs: A Local’s Guide to Both
Up until October last year, I had spent 24 years of my life living in a somewhat big city. Adelaide, Australia was my home – it still is my home! There isn’t really a whole lot to do if you’re someone who enjoys theme parks and adventurous days out; but it’s comfortable, familiar and will always be the city I’m proud to call home. Towards the end of last year, my partner was
What You Can Expect on a USA Contiki Tour: A First Timer's Guide | Rhiannon Travels | A Travel + Lifestyle Blog
What To Expect On A USA Contiki Tour: A First Timer’s Guide
I’ve scoured the web, trying to find Contiki reviews focussed on the USA tours, as opposed to the amazing Europe tours that everybody seems to prefer. Back in June 2015, I did the Best of USA Contiki Tour (you can read all about this tour, by clicking here). It was my first time experiencing solo travel. I had been to the United States before with my family, but I hadn’t yet ventured overseas
Instagram Feeds You Will Love This Month: February
Instagram is pretty much taking over the world, let’s be honest. Everyone is trying to create beautiful and attractive feeds, with the right theme and uploading only the best of the best. Not gonna lie, it’s probably my favourite social media platform. I love the creativity I see when I’m scrolling down my feed. Obviously, I have my favourites. Feeds that make me smile more than others, that make me think
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