Legend ANC Marley Headphones: A Review

For months now, I’ve wanted a new pair of headphones. I’ve always had those annoying, uncomfortable and let’s be honest, painful Apple headphones. You know the ones I’m talking about. The white buds that make your ears feel like they’re falling off if you use them for longer than an hour.

I wanted a high quality, comfortable and stylish pair. Headphones that would get me through a day of travelling, hours of waiting at airports, and of course travelling by public transport to drown out the background noises of people talking and children screaming.

Lucky, my boyfriend came to the rescue this past Christmas. He surprised me with the Legend ANC Over-Ear Headphones by House of Marley.

Legend ANC Marley Headphones: A Review ✈ Rhiannon Travels ✈ A Travel + Lifestyle Blog

I’ve never owned a pair of over ear headphones before. I’ve always been the unfortunate in ear headphone owner. Oh, how things have changed.

Let me tell ya, if you’ve been considering purchasing a pair of over ear or on ear headphones, but don’t know if it is worth it… I’m here to tell you it is. They’re changed my music listening, TV show watching and general headphone using experience for the better.

Okay, let’s cut the small talk and get right down to it.
What do I love about these headphones? And are House of Marley paying me to say this?
First of all, no they are not paying me.
Secondly, what don’t I love about these headphones?

#1 – The Colour

I wanted something other than black. I feel like most headphone users own black ones, and I wanted to be different. The colour of these headphones are extremely cool. I want to say it’s a light brown colour, but since the actual colour isn’t stated on their website, don’t hold me to that. Regardless of the technical name for these bad boys, they’re rad nonetheless.

#2 – The Comfort

Moving from in ear to over ear headphones is a feeling of comfort that is unexplainable. Who actually enjoys pieces of plastic being shoved into their ear? You’re lying to yourself if you do. The padding on the over ear pieces are extremely comfortable. I had them on for over 5 hours yesterday, and multiple times throughout the day, I forgot I was even wearing headphones. They’re that comfortable.

#3 – Noise Cancelling

These headphones have an inbuilt noise cancelling function. The only down side to this, is you need to charge the headphones to allow for the noise cancelling option to work. And if, like me, you forget to switch it off, the noise cancelling goes flat and you need to recharge it. But regardless of this, even without the noise cancelling function on, they are still effective when it comes to blocking out background noise.

#4 – Wooden Design

I thought this was a cool added style bonus. The ear pieces have a wooden design on them. Together with the unique brown colour, this wooden feature adds extra style to your music listening experience.

#5 – Volume Control

On the left hand side cord (that plugs into the headphones) you’ll find a feature similar to that on the Apple headphones. It basically allows you to change the volume and song choice without having to pick up your phone! Talk about convenience.

#6 – The Sound

Last but not least, the sound is awesome. Not that I have much to compare it to, but I have no complaints. It’s crisp, clear and makes me feel like I’m listening to John Mayer and Chilli Peppers live, instead of sitting on my bed in front of the TV writing this blog post. It’s nice to feel cool for a few minutes a day.
So if you’re in the market for a good pair of headphones, hit up House of Marley.
Here are some places you can grab a pair for yourself:
Check them out and let me know if you’ve owned a pair of Marley headphones before! What did you think of them?

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