I’ve got something a bit different for you guys today! Recently I took the plunge and decided to start opening up my blog to guest posts and bloggers from all around the world. Due to my blog being focussed on travel and lifestyle, there are a huge amount of potential categories which can be featured, while still entertaining my current readers and any future readers!

The first instalment of Travel Guest Posts here on Rhiannon Travels, is by the lovely Emily from Fijord (you can check out her blog, here!) Emily’s blog is filled with a wide range of topics, including her series ‘Learning How To’s’, where she writes helpful and unique posts on all things us as adults are required to learn!

Read Emily’s post all about how she was able to combine her love for travel and ballet, and has since then, danced her way to dozens of beautiful places around the world!

A Guest Post: Boarding Passes + Ballet Shoes | How Dance Took Me On A Plane

To say that my curiosity for the world is something that I’ve cultivated from a very young age would be dishonest. I never went on many vacations with my family and if I really think about the reason why, it probably has to do with my life tumbling into the path of a ballerina from the age of five. Ballet prevented me from travelling? Yes. At the beginning, it very much did. It was a serious time commitment and I never really had the time to take a holiday. And it’s also a very costly extracurricular to get into. So, instead of sipping on virgin Mimosas on the beach, I was sewing pointe shoes in between classes.

Ironically enough, it is ballet what later brought me to travel very much. After graduation, and with the notion that I wanted to dance professionally, I was ready to set off into the world and audition for ballet companies to be able to claim my career as a ballet dancer. Of course, this is no easy thing to do. The ballet job market, not unlike any other job market, is insanely competitive, and often depends on being in the right place at the right time, or just being lucky. So, with only a small handful of companies in Canada, I decided to broaden my horizons and contact companies overseas. I was then invited to a few auditions in varying cities across Europe and so began my first major travel adventure.

I didn’t really want to leave Canada. Canada was my home. It was everything I had ever known. My family was there and my friends were too. So the idea of going to across Europe alone was daunting. And ballet company auditions are incredibly intimidating – hundreds of people competing for just one or two positions. Odds are you won’t even get seen in a crowd this big, but you have to try anyways.

My job hunt took me from Toronto to some incredible cities: Montreal, Copenhagen, Oslo, Prague, Bordeaux and Edinburgh. It really opened my eyes to what else is out there in the world and when I returned home to my family I had a completely fresh perspective. The whole world was out there and I had the chance to end up anywhere thanks to my profession. Instead of being scared, I became excited.

I had also been bit by my first travel bug – an unconquerable itch that could only be cured by booking another plane ticket. Since then, I’ve had a much easier time booking trips and holidays. I’ve gone to Iceland (which became my first travel dream), Berlin, Malmö, Miami, all across Canada, an island in Croatia, Bergen, and hopefully more to come. My current travel dreams include Japan, South Africa and Portugal.

Following my whole audition tour, I was offered a dancing job with Tivoli Ballet Theatre in Copenhagen and have been living there ever since. The fears of leaving the nest I was nurtured in was still there. It was a leap of faith moving countries but as of now, I have no regrets in the move. I’ve gained so much from the experience and have grown into my independence. I’m unsure if I’ll be in Copenhagen forever but my openness to a new destination is even stronger now than ever. I’m constantly learning, and with a world so fascinatingly big, I don’t think I can ever stop learning.

Emily’s Blog | Emily’s Instagram

Emily’s story of seeing the world through her love and passion for ballet, is such an inspiring one. So if you’ve got a dream that you want to pursue, but you also want to travel around the world, why not combine the two? Emily shows that it can most definitely be done!

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