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If you’re about to dive into the world of travel for the very first time, you’re either super nervous or have absolutely no idea where to start. Or maybe both. Either way, don’t stress! Planning an international holiday isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Espeically when you’ve got awesome resources like our Guide for First Time Travelers to help you along every step of the process!

We created this guide to help people just like you, travel the world as easily as possible. We know how hard it can be. Deciding where to visit first, which airline to choose, what type of travel insurance you need, what you should pack and what can be left behind. Plus, all of those other things that we sometimes forget to do, amongst all of the excitement.

Included in the Guide for First Time Travelers
We’ve included a ton of awesome tips in our Guide for First Time Travelers. No matter what you’re unsure about, we’ve more than likely covered in amongst the 70 pages of awesomeness. Here’s a brief run down of what you can expect to learn, if you decide to purchase our Guide.
Unsure where to visit first? We know, it can be super difficult narrowing down your every growing bucket list! Don’t worry, though. That’s what we’re here for! We’ve included a simple guide to follow, to help you choose your very first international holiday destination!
Are you hoping to visit a certain country during a particular time of year? Maybe you’d like to spend New Years Eve freezing your butt off in New York City’s Times Square? How about switching things up (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) and have yourself a summer Christmas in Australia! We’ve shared our tips for choosing the best time of year to travel.
Deciding what to pack for an international holiday can be hard. Especially when you’re doing it for the first time! There are some things that you cannot take on the plane, some things that need to be kept in your carry on luggage only, and some things that you can probably live without. We share our tips for not overpacking, plus we also list the prohibited and restricted items when it comes to air travel.
Travel insurance is an absolute must when traveling internationally. Espeically for first timers, who are unfamiliar with travel in general. We share our tips for choosing the best travel insurance, plus some examples of when you might need to use it.
I’ll just cut to the chase: long haul flights suck. You’re stuck in a tiny seat for hours on end, with very little to keep yourself entertained. That’s why it’s best to be prepared! We share some of our favourite ways to keep busy while on long flights. You’re welcome!

Guide for First Time Travelers
Guide for First Time Travelers
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