Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

Unfortunately, I can’t call myself a legitimate Disneyland expert – yet. I’ve only been to 4 out of 11 Disney parks around the world. One day, I hope to visit them all. But until then, I decided I would share my super important Disneyland knowledge with you all! Disneyland is a very busy, but incredible and fun place – no matter which park you visit! I can say that for certain, even though I haven’t been to them all yet!

There are currently 6 different cities around the world that have a Disney park or resort: California, Florida, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai. I’ve only visited the California and Tokyo parks, but I still know my fair share of helpful information!

So, which parks are my favourite and why? What is there to know about each park? I’m glad you asked! I’ve written a Disney Parks Guide just for you guys! 


Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

The Anaheim parks are probably my favourite. I don’t really know why, there’s just something classic Disney about them. Anaheim has two different Disney parks: Disneyland (the original) and California Adventure Park. I’ve been to both parks dozens of times. It’s hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere, rides, food and the Happiest Place on Earth in general!


*All prices are in US dollars

1 Day Ticket – Admission to one park only
Weekdays: $97 (adult) $91 (child)
Weekends: $110 (adult) $104 (child)

1 Day Ticket – Park Hopper Ticket (can switch between both parks on the one day)
Weekdays: $157 (adult) $151 (child)
Weekends: $165 (adult) $159 (child)

2 Day Ticket
Admission to one park per day: $199 (adult) $187 (child)
Park Hopper Ticket: $244 (adult) $232 (child)

3 Day Ticket – both tickets include a Magic Morning (early entry on one day to Disneyland)
Admission to one park per day: $270 (adult) $258 (child)
Park Hopper Ticket: $315 (adult) $303 (child)

4 Day Ticket – both tickets include a Magic Morning (early entry one on one day to Disneyland)
Admission to one park per day: $290 (adult) $275 (child)
Park Hopper Ticket: $335 (adult) $320 (child)

5 Day Ticket – both tickets include a Magic Morning (early entry on one day to Disneyland)
Admission to one park per day: $305 (adult) $290 (child)
Park Hopper Ticket: $350 (adult) $335 (child)

Rhiannon’s Suggestion: As you can see, the more days you choose to visit Disneyland, the cheaper the tickets become. I highly recommend purchasing the 5 day Park Hopper ticket. It’s the best value for money, you are able to switch between both parks, and you aren’t required to visit on 5 consecutive days! I think this is the perfect option for families and Disney lovers of all ages!

To buy tickets for Disneyland Park, click here!


As a general guide, Disneyland is open from 9am until 10pm each day during the week. On weekends, the park remains open until midnight! For up-to-date opening times, always check Disney’s website to plan your day!

Rhiannon’s Suggestion: If you choose to purchase any of the multi day tickets, instead of tiring yourself out by spending open until close at the parks, split up your time over each day! For example on the first day, arrive in the morning and spend the day in the park. The next day, arrive in the afternoon and stay for the fireworks! This will give you a chance to rest (Disneyland is exhausting – lots of walking!) and you’ll be able to experience the park at different times throughout the day. Plus, Disneyland’s fireworks are unmissable in my opinion. They last what seems like forever, and are absolutely beautiful.


Disneyland is a big and wonderful place, no matter how old you are. There are 8 different lands within the park, and each are themed differently. I don’t know about you, but I like to know as many inside tips as possible before visiting a particular place. Theme parks are no different. This is especially the case when I know I’ll be visiting during peak season (which is generally summer, no matter which Disney park you attend). So I decided to write a post, sharing all of the best tips I can think of when it comes to Disney!

It may be the Happiest Place in the World, but it can also be the busiest place in the world. If you aren’t prepared, and haven’t experienced the Disney life before, it can seem overwhelming. So that being said, sit back and relax. Grab a cup of coffee, a notepad and a pen, and pay attention!

I’m about to tell you everything you need to know about Disneyland and California Adventure Park! You’re welcome. 


1. No matter which park you plan to visit first, always arrive at LEAST 30 minutes before the gates open. The earlier the better. Theme parks are busy, but Disney Parks are even busier. So to avoid disappointment and having to wait in lines for hours, just wake up a little bit earlier!

2. As soon as you’re allowed in the park in the morning, run straight for Tomorrowland. Space Mountain should be first on your itinerary for the day. Before you actually line up for the ride, get a Fast Pass ticket. Just put your park ticket into the machine outside Space Mountain, and it will pop out a ticket with an hour time bracket on it. Once you’ve got your Fast Pass ticket, line up for the ride. Then come back during your designated hour, and ride it again! Trust me, it’s worth it. Space Mountain is my all time favourite ride!

3. Not to miss rides in Fantasyland: It’s a Small World and the Mad Tea Party tea cups! Who doesn’t enjoy spinning themselves around in colourful tea cups, and almost throwing up every churro you’ve had throughout the day?

Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

4. If you’re visiting with kids, keep an eye out for Disney characters during the day. They tend to come out sporadically (less often and for shorter periods of time during the summer), but they’re easy enough to find. Park maps and Disney’s website should have updated times of planned Disney character interactions. If not, just walk around both parks – you’ll definitely see one or two!

Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

5. Get yourself some custom embroidered Mickey Mouse ears while at Disneyland! They’re awesome – I have two pairs myself! You can get anything you like stitched to the back of the ears, so be creative! From memory, they cost around $14. That price might have changed, but I wouldn’t imagine they’d cost more than $20. This is a great gift idea, or a souvenir for yourself or your children!

Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

6. Disneyland is aimed more towards younger children. So if you choose to purchase a Park Hopper ticket, head to Disneyland on the morning of your first day! I don’t have kids, but after seeing so many of them either screaming, having tantrums or asleep by 3pm, morning visits are definitely the way to go!

7. Grab a map when you enter the park, as it will show where every ride is located and whether they have Fast Passes available. The maps also show where the toilets, ATM’s, smoking areas and first aid centres are located. There are also baby care centres spread out around the park.

8. If it’s your birthday or your first visit to Disneyland, there are free badges available from City Hall, located near the entrance gates. Why not let dozens of people exclaim “happy birthday!” while you line up for Space Mountain? That’s half the fun! Plus, it’s an awesome free souvenir. Bonus.

9. Keep an eye out for pressed penny machines. This is a super cheap and fun way to collect souvenirs around the park, and you’ll generally find them in most areas throughout Disneyland! Check the stores outside of all your favourite rides – they tend to have themed pennies available!

10. Bring your own water bottle and snacks. Not only will you save money, but it’ll also come in handy while you wait in those horrid long ride lines. Other than having to pee, there’s nothing worse than being super thirsty when you’ve still got 40 minutes left to wait! Snacks are also a good idea to keep kids happy, distracted and less bored.

11. Don’t miss Indiana Jones in Adventureland. Whether you’re a fan of the movies or not, everything about this ride is awesome. You’ll be in awe the whole time, even while lining up! The detail put into decorations throughout the queue is amazing. Grab a Fast Pass early in the day so you don’t miss out!

12. If you purchase any of the multi day passes, you get one Magic Morning to use on the day of your choice. This means that for one day, before Disneyland opens to the public, you get to go in and have the whole park to yourself (and other people who choose to use their Magic Morning ticket on that day), for an entire hour. This is a great way to hit up your favourite rides before the long lines start to form! Definitely worth paying for a multi day ticket!


Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

1. When the gates open, head straight to Cars Land. Last time I visited California Adventure Park, Radiator Springs was THE most popular ride by far. The wait times were crazy, and Fast Passes can run out fairly quick, especially during peak times. So if you’re a Cars fan, definitely make this a priority! The sets and decorations are incredible. Whether you’re a Cars fan or not, everyone can appreciate the amazing detail!

Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

2. If you aren’t a Cars fan, California Screamin’ is a must. It’s the only real roller coaster within both parks, and it’s a LOT of fun! You can get Fast Passes for this ride too, and like Space Mountain, it’s definitely worth it. You’ll be turned upside down, do loops in Mickey’s ears and have a photo taken at the end that always provides a laugh. Make sure you experience the ride at night too. Incredible views of the entire park, with everything lit up and sparkly!

3. Paradise Pier is where everyone gets those classic rollercoaster and ferris wheel photos. It’s the prime and most popular location for some incredible sunset photos, too! Make the most of the river in front of California Screamin’. Definitely one of the most Instagrammable spots in the park.

Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

4. Make use of the single rider lines. This applies to Disneyland too, but generally smaller children aren’t going to want to ride by themselves. So for the rides at California Adventure Park that are for older kids and adults, definitely make the most of this! You can wait in line with your friends and family, you’ll just have to ride the actual ride sitting next to someone you don’t know. Totally worth it if you’re short on time and want to see as much as possible!

5. For the over 21 year olds, you can purchase alcohol in some parts of California Adventure Park! Generally Carthay Circle and Paradise Pier areas are your best bet to enjoy some refreshing lunch time alcoholic beverages!

6. Head over to Hollywood Land and experience the refurbished Tower of Terror ride! It’s now Guardians of the Galaxy, and although I haven’t ridden it myself, it looks amazing! The exterior design is awesome, and if it’s anything like the original Tower of Terror, it will be one you cannot miss!

7. If you’re a fan of ferris wheels, check out Mickey’s Fun Wheel at Paradise Pier. There are two types of gondolas: still or swinging. If you’re daring, and aren’t afraid of heights, definitely choose the swinging one. You’ll slide back and forth along the inside of the wheel. Not recommended after eating lunch, though!

Disney Parks Guide: Tips + Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!

8. Don’t miss the Pixar Play Parade. Literally THE most catchiest song ever, and you will definitely be singing it all day long. All the Disney characters come out for this awesome parade, interacting with guests and children in particular. There are 5 floats in the parade: Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life and Toy Story. I suggest scheduling your day around seeing this parade, it’s worth it!


If you’ve been a reader for a while, you would know I’ve already published a pretty detailed post all about Tokyo’s Disneyland and DisneySea! So many people had amazing feedback about that post, which is one of the reasons I decided to sit down and write this one!

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea: What To Expect + Tips to Help You Plan Your Day!

If you haven’t read about my experience at Tokyo’s Disney Parks, you can check that post out here

Here’s a quick run down on what I talk about:

  • Where to purchase tickets, and how much they cost
  • Explaining Fast Passes
  • Restaurants and Japanese Disney snacks
  • My favourite rides
  • How to get to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea
  • The difference between Disneyland and DisneySea
  • Other tips and tricks!

Again, click here to read that post. I included a lot of super helpful information!

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea: What To Expect + Tips to Help You Plan Your Day!

Regardless of which Disney Park you choose to visit, your experience will be amazing. I’m sure you’ve heard that Disneyland is the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’, and let me tell you, it’s definitely true. Disneyland is a place for special memories, beautiful moments with the people you love, and enough laughs to last a lifetime.

I hope you found this Disney parks guide helpful! Tell me in the comments below, which is your favourite Disney park! What’s your favourite ride? I want to know!

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Disney Parks Guide: Tips and Tricks for Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland Resorts!



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Great tips! I’ve been to the Anaheim Disneyland only once, but I absolutely loved it! Hopefully I’ll be able to go again one day 🙂

Sarah Shumate

Oh man, this takes me back! I haven’t been to either of these two parks, but when we lived in Orlando, we had annual passes to the Orlando Disney World parks and I swear we went no less than 40 times that year. It was amazing…and exhausting! They are seriously so much fun, though. You’ve got some really great tips here, too! I’d love to visit the California Disneyland someday!


Ah thank you for the info! I will be there with my girl when we come to Japan


Great post! I didn’t even realise there are 11 different Disney parks around the world! I’ve been to Disney World in Orlando a couple times, first when I was 7 and again when I was 12. I had so much fun both times, and I don’t think anywhere can really compare to the magic at Disney 🙂


Thanks! Good one and a very informative post – Just pinned it. The only Disney I have been to was at HongKong. I did create happy memories there but it became a bit monotonous as the day progressed. Some how, I didn’t feel excited enough to do Disney after that. .. :).. That said, Paris Disney is next on list because my friends want me to join them 😉


I’ve never considered going to Disneyland myself, but I’d love to spend some time in Tokyo one day and will put Disneyland on my list – must be incredible there!


So glad I came across your very informational post! Saving it for sure to refer to when we finally get to go. Been on our bucket list for a while now.


4/11 if an awesome effort! I’ve never been to a Disneyland but would love to go to Anaheim first, preferably on my brithday and hopefully not during school holidays! Will pin this to come back to for research!

Greta @ Pickles Travel blog

Great tips! I haven’t been to Disneyland yet and haven’t been to Disney world in way too long so this was such a great post to read. Definitely keeping this post on hand so we can plan a trip with the kiddo in the near future!


Indianer Jones, must to! I don’t think that I’ll ever make it here but the plan is to go Disneyland Paris this Summer… :PP

Lindsay | The Anthrotorian Travel Blog

You are seriously a Disney expert! I have been to the California one twice and Paris Disney once. My fave rides are Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean for sure, but I agree with you that Space Mountain is AMAZING!


Ahhhh Disney! No better place on earth! These are great tips. Pinning for future reference!


What a great guide. We have always wanted to visit Disney Land.


I’ve never been to the Disneyland in Tokyo but would love to make it there one day!! The Disneyland in Anaheim is of course the best place on earth!

Ketki Sharangpani

Great tips. I went to Anaheim Disney way back in 2010 and your post made me remember the great time I had!


I’ve only been to Disney in Paris (several times) and Orlando. The one in Paris is a lot smaller but it’s still so much fun. It’s like an addiction, I can’t get enough of it 🙂


Awesome tips! For some reason I found it really hard to find good info about Disneyland- so this was great! I’ve been to Anaheim and I agree- it’s a magical place. Knotts Berry Farm is also another great theme park in that area.


Amazing tips! I haven’t been to Disneyland in years but really want to go back. Next time I’ll be sure to use this guide!


I have to say the more I go to Disneyland, the more I love it! This is such a good post full of informative tips 🙂