Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

If you’re looking for the perfect budget friendly Gold Coast accomodation, look no further. Russell and I recently spent 6 nights in Surfers Paradise, after our wonderful 4 night stay at Ocean Vista on Alex on the Sunshine Coast. When we were booking our Gold Coast accomodation, we wanted somewhere with an incredible view and in a great location. We came across Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise during our search, and after seeing photos of the epic beachfront views, we decided to go for it.

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We booked 6 nights in a One Bedroom Beachfront room, and boy was it worth it. I can’t even begin to explain the excitement I felt when we walked into our room for the first time. As soon as we saw our view, we were extremely happy with our decision. We booked that particular room for the fact that we would have an ocean view, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as incredible as it was.

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

If you’re tossing up between a few different options for your Gold Coast accomodation, put a pin in those. Read through this review of Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise, and I’m almost positive you’ll be booking this place in no time!

Chateau Beachside, Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

What Style of Accomodation is Chateau Beachside?

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise is a popular hotel right on the beachfront. It’s located on the Esplanade, and is around 18 floors (I can’t remember exactly how many, but that sounds about right!). The hotel also includes, free for guests, the use of a pool, sauna, spa and tennis court. All of these are located on the ground floor. There are two areas for guests to park (undercover and rooftop options) with one free car park allocated to each room. There’s also complimentary wifi given to all guests on the day of arrival, which will last until check-out. Chateau Beachside also apparently has a self-service laundry, however we didn’t actually use see this ourselves.

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

One Bedroom Beachfront Apartment at Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise

Note: As I can only comment on the specific room that Russell and I stayed in, that’s what I will be referring to in this part. Other types of rooms may be slightly different, with different views and possible cleanliness. Please keep that in mind if you choose to book your stay with Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise.

We stayed in the One Bedroom Beachfront apartment, and specifically chose the hotel because we would have the freedom of a self-contained apartment.¬†Self-contained hotel rooms or apartments are great, because they give families and groups of friends some freedom when it comes to cooking meals, therefore not having to eat out every day. This is great for saving money if you’re travelling on a budget.

The main living area was an open plan lounge room and self-contained kitchen. The bedroom was seperate from the lounge room, but connected via a small stair case leading into the bath. Yep, you can hop straight out of the shower and into the bedroom. The kitchen included an oven, stove, large fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, cutlery, plates/bowls, glasses, mugs, wine glasses, various pots and pans, cooking utensils and more. The freezer also came with an ice tray, for ultimate convenience.

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

The bathroom had a shower over bath, decent sized bench-top sink and an incredible view of the ocean. Plus, like I mentioned earlier, the cute staircase from the bath to the bedroom. Be sure to keep the curtain closed while you’re taking a shower or bath, though. We weren’t 100% sure whether the windows were tinted, and didn’t want to give the Gold Coast an unexpected beachside show.

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

I’ve mentioned this a lot already, but our view was outstanding. On the main side of the room (with windows that opened slightly to let in the ocean breeze) we had a front on view of the sea and sand. We could people watch all day, enjoy the sunrise (which I did every single morning. I happened to conveniently wake up at 5am each day, exactly when the sun began to rise, and took full advantage of it!) and watch the waves roll in.

On the other side of the room was a sliding door with a very small balcony, which wasn’t even big enough to walk out onto. We did however, have a view of the hotel pool and three spas and the ocean to our room. It was wonderful leaning up against the railing, watching the world go by and enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze.

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

The TV which was located in the lounge room, was flatscreen and also came with a DVD player. I didn’t actually find this out until the night before we left, but you can actually hire movies for free in the lobby! The TV also has a HDMI port, which is perfect for plugging in your own entertainment device!

Cost of Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise

As of the current (October 2017), Chateau Beachside is roughly $189 per night. We stayed for 6 nights, and paid $145 per night. If you book direct with the hotel, you’re guaranteed the best room rates. The further in advance you book, the cheaper rooms with generally be. Keep in mind that during special occasions, holidays and city events, room rates will be higher.

This probably seems like a lot to spend on one hotel for just 6 nights, but as I’ve mentioned in the past on Rhiannon Travels, Russell and I like to be comfortable. We’re happy to spend a little extra money on accomodation. Plus, for the amenities, location and view we had at Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise, we both definitely think it was worth it.

Click here to head to Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise’s website, and check out their current rates.

Distance from Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise to Popular Attractions

Surfers Paradise is the hub of entertainment and partying on the Gold Coast. If you’re into the party scene, you’ll find that there are a huge amount of options when it comes to clubs and bars. Gold Coast is Australia’s most popular location for Schoolies, an organised end of schooling festival, for students graduating from Year 12. We planned our visit perfectly in order to avoid this particular event. But if that’s your thing (drinking and partying, I mean) you’re in luck. No matter where you stay within the heart of Surfers Paradise, you’ll be minutes away from a crazy night out.

There are a ton of shops, supermarkets, liquor stores, restaurants, cafes and convenience stores in Surfers Paradise. Staying at Chateau Beachside, means you’re even closer to it all. Whether you like to cook your own meals, or enjoy a nice restaurant dinner, you won’t need to walk very far. Coles Supermarket is less than a 5 minute walk, Liquorland is around the same distance.

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

Russell and I love Mexican food, and there’s a Mexican fast food chain in Australia called Zambreros. They do burritos, tacos, burrito bowls and more, and they’re incredibly delicious. We ate here 5 out of 6 nights during our stay on the Gold Coast, and don’t regret it for a second. If I’ve made you curious about this supposedly delicious Mexican meal, you’re around a 4 minute walk from Chateau Beachside to Zambreros.

If you choose to stay at Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise, you’ll notice horns coming from the street at almost all hours of the day and night. These are scooters, which anybody can hire for an hourly rate. You can find these hire stores all over Surfers Paradise. So again, you won’t have to walk very far to be cruising around the Gold Coast on your very own electric scooter. Push bikes are also available for hire, if that’s more your thing.

Are you more of the adventuous type? Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise is only a 20 minute drive from Movie World and WetnWild (40 minutes by bus), and around 40 minute drive from Dreamworld and White Water World (roughly an hour by bus). We visited both Movie World and WetnWild during our stay, and it was a super quick drive from the hotel.

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Our Final Thoughts on Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise

We enjoyed our stay at Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise. The location to major attractions, restaurants, liquor stores and supermarkets was definitely convenient, as it meant we didn’t have to drive anywhere for the essentials. The view could not have been beaten, and it was definitely worth being woken up at 5am every morning by the sunrise. If you’re looking for a decently priced beachfront hotel on the Gold Coast, definitely consider booking your stay at Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise!

Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD

Interested in learning more about Chateau Beachside, booking the One Bedroom Beachfront Apartment or looking at their other available rooms? Click here to head to the website!

Have you visited the Gold Coast before? Where did you stay? Tell me in the comments below!

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Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD Chateau Beachside Surfers Paradise: One Bedroom Beachfront, QLD