Hey guys! Welcome to Rhiannon Travels. We’re Rhiannon and Russell, and we created this blog back in September 2016, to help people just like you, travel the world as easily as possible!

We aren’t your average travelers, though. We don’t spend months at a time away from home, or travel lots each year. We both have (almost) full time jobs, own a business together, have a cat and rent a house. We’re what I suppose you’d call average travelers.

We wanted to show the world that it is possible to travel while working full time, even if it means traveling less and for shorter periods of time. As long as we’re still getting out there to see the world, we’re happy!


We are both born and raised Australians, growing up in Adelaide. We started dating back in October 2015, and since then, we’ve lived in Alice Springs for eight months, spent a month exploring six different cities across Japan, and enjoyed a relaxing 10 days in Queensland. We’re always thinking of new places that we can go, that will fit in with our busy lifestyle.

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