Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

I’ll be honest, I’m not an expert by any means when it comes to building an email list. I have a very, very small amount of subscribers. It’s actually pretty sad, really. But I know that with time and a lot of hard work, I’ll get to where I want to be. As I am currently not traveling, it’s a bit difficult to create content that’s worth reading, in regards to travel. But that will all change next month (yay!). I’m going to Japan in two weeks!

However, I still wanna give you guys some pretty awesome advice. I recently watched a webinar hosted by Helene at Helene in Between and Darrell at ConvertKit. If you’ve never heard of ConvertKit before, that’s okay. You’ll know all about it by the end of this post. I hadn’t either, until a few weeks ago. (It’s important to remember that I haven’t been focussing on building an email list until very recently!)

Basically, ConvertKit is a Email Marketing company that was specifically created for bloggers. This means, the amazing people behind the scenes of ConvertKit, put their heads together to create a program that can help bloggers in particular, to build their email lists. How cool is that? I know there’s tons of Email Marketing companies out there that allow you to create landing pages, subscribe forms and more. But ConvertKit has taken all of that, and exploded it to a whole other level.

Remember, I’m not even close to having any sort of email list of my own. I’m still very, very new to this whole thing. But I truly believe that it’s never to early to get started. It’s never too early to have all the information available, to help you make the choice that is right for you.

So here are the reasons why ConvertKit is the bomb, and why you should make the switch or sign up if you’re new to all of this like I am!

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It


I’m being totally honest when I say this. I was super surprised when I started having a play on ConvertKit’s website. There is so much you can do to grow your blog, with such little effort. ConvertKit gives you the option to create a landing page or embedded form which you can place anywhere on your blog. I’m talkin’ sidebar, halfway through your blog post, at the top of your blog’s homepage – wherever your heart desires!

I’ve even made things easy for you, and taken some screenshots to show you just how simple this program is. If I can use it, anyone can! Seriously.

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

Let’s start here. Above you’ll see the main page once you click ‘Forms’ at the top left of the screen. You get the option to create a landing page or a form. Like I mentioned before, a form is such a cool way of potentially getting new subscribers, as you can literally place it anywhere!

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

Next, you get to choose the type of form you would like to create. The design you choose, all depends on what you think would work better with your blog and the content that you share. Personally, I like the first one. It stands out, but it’s still simple enough so it won’t be up in your face.

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

Third, let’s talk about editing your masterpiece. You can literally edit anything. They’ve made is so easy to do, you’ll be amazed. All you need to do, is click on the section you’d like to change, start typing and you’re done! You can change the font type, size, colour and so much more!

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

The last step is the settings. You can have a play around in more detail once you join the ConvertKit team (because trust me, you’ll want to by the end of this post!). There’s all sorts of cool features. You can create a sequence (opt-in), add a landing page, create an incentive and a lot more. The options are almost endless.

See? It’s extremely easy to create a gorgeous subscriber form in under 15 minutes. All you need now is something cool to give away!


You know how with some companies, you gotta jump through hoops to contact them? When you finally find the right email address and send them an in-depth recount of why you’re not happy and use more crying emoji’s than ever before, you still have to wait days if not weeks for a reply. ConvertKit is much, much cooler than that. They’re always there, ready to help. Just shoot them an email and you’ll receive a response in no time. There’s a button on the bottom right of the screen, click that and it will give you an option to ‘send a message’. Pretty easy, huh?


If you’re like me, you’re subscribed to a ton of epic bloggers, and get emails from them on an almost daily basis. I love this! I love reading their emails, sharing awesome tips and tricks to improve my blog and build a larger audience. It’s super motivating. ConvertKit make doing this really easy. All you have to do is click a few buttons, start typing and press send! Your subscribers will have a new email send to their inbox, filled with all the cool things you just told them. Seriously, I bet you’re itching to go and join, aren’t you? I was. I barely made it through the webinar without wanting to get started straight away!

Here’s some more screenshots to help you guys out.

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

Step 1: Click ‘New Broadcast’ on the right hand side.

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

Step 2: Choose who the broadcast will be sent to.

Why ConvertKit Is The #1 Email List Tool + How To Use It

Step 3: Start typing up your awesome email! Don’t forget to include any links to your recent blog posts, something you’ve learnt during the week, or anything else you’d find useful if it got sent to your inbox!


Honestly, my blogging life has changed thanks to this amazing program. ConvertKit is the future when it comes to Email Marketing, and if your goal is to monetise your blog or even simply gain a good amount of readers, who you can share helpful tips and tricks with, this is the best way to do it. For a measly $29 per month, you have access to everything you need in order to grow your blog and start gaining traffic and readers from all over the world.

If you’ve made it to the end without hitting them up, here’s the link again.

I cannot recommend these guys enough! Tell me in the comments below if you’re already using ConvertKit, and if not, check them out and tell me what you think! I’m super keen to hear your thoughts.

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