5 Personality Traits That Guarantee Social Media Success

Why is social media success so important?

Social Media is a huge reason why there are so many successful bloggers and business people all over the world. The sheer amount of people that use social media is astounding. The use and its reach of social media has grown substantially over the past few years, and every man and his dog are hopping on the Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook bandwagons!

If you aren’t yet on social media, I highly suggest you start right now.
Yep, right now.
Stop reading this post, head over to the social media platforms that you aren’t yet apart of, and sign up.
These are the ones I suggest you become legends at: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & the best of the best – Pinterest.

I’ll wait.
Don’t worry, Food Network is on. I’ll be entertained while you’re gone. Hungry, but entertained.
Fact: I can barely make toast without burning it. How do these KIDS in particular, make such delicious looking meals with hardly any effort? I don’t get it.

Okay, all done? Good.

Now let’s get right into it!

A lot of hard work, dedication, motivation and passion goes into building and growing multiple social media accounts. It can be time consuming if done correctly. Not to mention those evil follow/unfollowers that seem to prey on innocent Instagrammers. They’ll make you question the human race.

But it’s worth it. Promise.

So what are the 5 personality traits that guarantee social media success? I’m glad you asked!

5 Personality Traits That Guarantee Social Media Success ✈ Rhiannon Travels ✈ A Travel & Lifestyle Blog


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m more likely to notice and follow back/engage with people who appreciate the support themselves. For instance, when I wake up and I notice that I’ve received new comments and followers (on Instagram in particular), the ones who leave genuine comments on my photos are the ones who stand out more, as opposed to the generic “nice photo!” or emoji comments.

The same goes for feeds that I follow myself – either on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. I always like to leave comments specific to the photo or post that I’m commenting on. Answering questions that are asked in captions is another good way to show that you appreciate your followers, instead of just having them there as another number!


This is a massively positive trait to have when it comes to blogging and becoming successful on social media. Being enthusiastic in your engagement on all social media platforms, as well as across all areas of your blog, can be extremely beneficial. It shows your readers and followers that you’re in it for the long haul, and aren’t just going to quit when things get too difficult. Show enthusiasm in your comments, messages and interaction with other bloggers and you’ll see a noticeable increase in traffic!


Imagination goes a long way, especially on visually attractive social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Creating graphics that stand out from the massive crowd will be nothing but positive! Do yourself a favour and start using the graphic design website Canva. I’ve recently purchased the Canva For Work option and it’s helped me greatly in creating unique and colourful Pinterest graphics that stand out and send traffic to my blog!


Probably a no brainer. But staying organised when it comes to blogging and keeping track of your social media accounts is crucial! Make sure you’ve got a checklist of things you want to achieve and things you need to do over the coming weeks. It’s a great way to stay organised. Having a daily routine for each area of your blog, as well as your social media platforms can help you on your road to social media success!


Probably the most important. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Even social media success. We need to work hard and keep working hard every day to achieve the things in life that we dream about.
Be consistent, stay motivated and reach out to people for help and support. You’ll be surprised just how successful you’ll become in a short amount of time!
I hope I’ve been of some help to those of you wanting to grow your Social Media platforms.
Just remember: success doesn’t happen overnight. Divide your time smartly, to make the most of each day and get your name out there! (In a positive light, of course!)
Speaking of social media, are you following me on mine? If not, you should be!

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