10 Best Things About Australia Day & Why You Should Visit

Happy Australia Day my fellow Aussie readers! Whatever it is that you have planned for the day, I hope it involves lots of alcohol (legal Aussies, of course) and lots of celebrations!
If you’re unsure what Australia Day is all about, you can check out some info here. But essentially, January 26th of each year, is the National Day of Australia. Aussies from all over the country get drunk, have BBQ’s and celebrate the birth of Australia!
This year, I’m spending Australia Day in Alice Springs. Right in the centre of the country surrounded by snakes and the burning desert heat. It doesn’t get more Australian than that.
So what is there to love about Australia? What makes it such a fantastic and beautiful country to live in and visit?
Well I’m glad you asked! I’m here to tell you 10 things there is to love about my country and reasons why you should visit!
So let’s go. I hope you’re ready to fall in love with Australia. Because you will. Guaranteed or your money back! (Okay, I know you didn’t actually spend money to read this post – that would be pretty cool for me though! – but I wanted to pretend I was selling something on TV).
Let’s jump right in, shall we?

10 Best Things About Australia & Why You Should Visit ✈ Rhiannon Travels ✈ A Travel & Lifestyle Blog

10 best things about australia & why you should visit

1. The People

Australians are a very chilled bunch of humans (well, most of us anyway).
We all like to drink alcohol, have a barbie (a barbecue, not the plastic dolls that I used to somehow manage to entertain myself with for hours), watch sport and have a good ol’ joke with our friends and family.
If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Australia for a special occasion such as Aussie Day or Christmas Day, you’ll notice this before you step foot out of the airport.
Australian’s also have quite a few slang phrases that get thrown around. Again, especially in the more country/outback Aussie places (like Alice Springs, where I am now!). If you’re curious and want to pretend you’re Australian for the day, here’s a list of slang and phrases you can use to confuse your family.
I’m sure it sounds pretty ridiculous for you non-Australian visitors, but we know what we’re talking about, promise!

2. The Beaches

The beaches in Australia are world class. That might not be an actual fact with figures and official data and everything, but I think it should be.
Up until the end of October 2016, I hadn’t lived more than half an hour away from almost every beach in Adelaide (South Australia). Then I moved to the middle of Australia, with the closest beach being a 16 hour drive away.
What are beaches again? Water? Sand? Huh?
I’m kidding.
But in all seriousness, Australian beaches are beautiful. The sand is fluffy and warm, the water is glorious to swim in (well, during Summer it is) and there are people all over the place getting their tan on and indulging in the classic fish & chip lunch on the grass.
If you are visiting Australia in the near future, or even if you’re here now, make sure you check out at least one of our wonderful beaches!

3. The Animals

Koalas, Kangaroos, Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Devil, Kookaburra, Possum, Wallaby.
Australia has some pretty gorgeous and interesting animals that reside alongside us humans. Koalas (NOT Koala Bears) are not going to attack you in the streets, and we don’t ride Kangaroos to work, but nevertheless, we have some pretty cool animal friends.

4. The Outback

I had never experienced the outback before October last year. Moving to Alice Springs was a pretty big shock to the system. Coming from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide with its population of over 1 million people, to the desert outback with a population of less than 30,000 people – its quite a change!
The Australian Outback is beautiful place to visit.
Sure it’s hot, red, dry and you’ll want to kill all the flies, but in my opinion, it’s a must see when visiting Australia!

5. The Sport

If you’re a sports fanatic, you’re gonna love Australia.
Whether it’s Cricket, AFL (Australian Football League), Tennis, Soccer – whatever sport you’re into, you’ll find it here.
Cricket is a Summer sport, so you can watch it on TV and go to live matches from November through to roughly the end of January.
Tennis is also a Summer sport with The Australian Open, for example, running over the last fortnight in January each year.
AFL is played throughout Winter, beginning in March and ending with the Grand Final in September.

6. The Weather

Summer is hot, winter is cold. Duh.
But neither side of the spectrum are ever unbearable. Even in the desert outback, which hasn’t dropped below 28 degrees celcius in the 3 months that I’ve lived here.
Each state has heat waves during Summer. But don’t worry, if you’re anti hot weather but still want to visit Australia during the warmer months, there are always indoor pools, beaches and endless shopping centres for you to keep cool and still enjoy all that Australia has to offer!

7. The Food

Tim Tams, Lamingtons, Vegemite, fairy bread, Twisties, Pavlova, Burger Rings, Anzac Biscuits, Shapes (ORIGINAL Shapes. Don’t waste your time trying the “new and improved” ones. There ain’t nothing improved about them let me tell ya). The list of Australian classic foods go on and on.
If you’re here visiting, grab yourself an extra suitcase and load it up with all the snacks I just listed.
Then get ready to indulge in Australia’s best, when you arrive home from the best holiday of your life.

8. The Scenery

Whether you’re strolling through the Botanic Gardens or walking along the beach, Australia has some of the best scenery I’ve ever seen. Even going on hikes through the hills can be a morning or afternoon well spent! Just make sure you bring your camera – you never know what you’ll come across!

9. The Gold Coast

If you’re a fan of theme parks and live for the thrill of roller coasters and death defying vertical drops, then you’ll love the Gold Coast.
Home to Warner Bros. Movie World, Dreamworld, Sea World and Wet n Wild Water World – and just like that you have almost a week’s worth of activities!
If you’re NOT a fan of theme parks and prefer a relaxing day at the beach, hit up Surfers Paradise. It’s filled with locals and tourists all year round (avoid October/November if you can. That’s when school leavers from across Australia flock to Surfer’s for the annual ‘Schoolies’ Festival. You’ll be dodging 18 year olds the whole trip) but it’s an awesome beach and there’s lots of shopping and dining options!

10. The Nightlife

If you’re a party goer, then you’re in for a treat when it comes to Australian clubbing. There’s tons of places across the country, in all main cities, for you to get your drink and dance on.

So there you have it.
A list of 10 not-to-be-missed Australian attractions while you’re visiting this beautiful country.
Last Minute Tips: Make sure you slip-slop-slap, and don’t take us too seriously. If we insult you, we’re probably joking. And if we’re not joking, well laugh anyway. It will make the situation a lot less awkward.
I’m kidding. We’re lovely people, I promise.
Have you been to Australia? What was your favourite part? Tell me in the comments below! Or tell me on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!

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